About us

Wuxi Jingcheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Meicun Industrial Park in the ancient town of Jiangnan and gradually expanded during the historical development of more than 20 years. Now it has developed into a 100-ton truck capable of manufacturing two-roll levelers, four-roll, six-roll, eight-roll , 12-roll, 20-roll and other large cold rolling mills are characterized by high speed, large rolling force, balanced drive, and high precision. They are suitable for wide-band rolling of ordinary strip steel, special strip steel, stainless steel, and nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. Equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning and turnkey projects.

Contact us
Add:No.218 Xitai Road, Meicun Industrial Park, Wuxi City
Phone:Mr. Zhu(0086-13906183241)
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